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UPDATE, August 20, 2020:  Mass updates of supervisors can now be done without submitting separate ePAFs for each individual employee.

To review supervisor information, run and download an “active employee” report for your org and make the updates directly within that spreadsheet. Send the spreadsheet (with at least the name, banner ID, position number, and suffix of both the employee and supervisor) for those employees in need of updates to the general HR-IT email address at: and copy Rob and Shirley Rey on your email.

APPROVERS:  The College requires that both the “Dept. Apprv Level 1” and the “College/School/Division Appvr” be included on all staff ePAF employment actions. You may set-up a “Default Routing Queue” by following these instructions

EPAF Dates

  • The query date must reflect the BEGIN “jobs effective date” of the ePAF action. (Refer to this example as a reference.) 
  • When the last work day has already passed, refer to this Understanding EPAF Transaction Dates job aid.

Weblink to all ePAF Process User Guides and Job Aids (Faculty/Staff/Student)

All EPAF Tools

The four guides below were reviewed on 9.11.2019:

Listed prior to Summer 2019: