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General Info

Mandatory Compliance with COVID-19 Mandates

Any new faculty member who does not comply with UNM's Administrative Mandate on Required COVID-19 Vaccination prior to their employment start date will not be approved to begin their appointment. Questions should be directed to the Office for Academic Personnel at


OAP Forms

Letters of Academic Title  (Effective March 21 2022)

  • LATs and faculty affiliate (Visiting Academic Colleague) requests are to be submitted via the new online Affiliate Request Form, which replaces the Affiliate Demographic Form. An Affiliated Faculty tab has been created on the Office for Academic Personnel (OAP) website, where more detailed information on both LATs and faculty affiliate processes is provided. Included on these pages are instructions for using the Affiliate Request Form.
  • For LATs that request authorization for faculty to serve as Instructor of Record, the department must submit the Teaching Credential Validation Online Form along with the nominee’s official transcript in order to meet UNM accreditation obligations.

Faculty Compensation and Leave Forms (download all forms directly from the Resources tab of the OAP website)

Faculty Contract Summary Tool -- a video aid for Faculty so they can see how to view the details of their new contract

New Faculty House Hunting

  • For new faculty moving to NM, one house hunting trip is allowed to be included in their moving expense allowance.  If moving expense reimbursements include a house hunting trip, please include this memo with your Chrome River submission.

Research Faculty

  • Extending contract: For returning research faculty, process an “extend non-continuing faculty appointment request” (ENCFAR) form to extend them for the following Academic Year.  If the assignment details (e.g., the FTE or salary) haven’t changed, just attach the original letter of offer to the ENCFAR. In the justification box, type “extending research faculty contract for AYxx-xx. See attached original letter of offer.”

  • If not returningbe sure to end the research assignment by processing a faculty “end of assignment” ePAF.

H1 Visas, LCA document posting instructions

  • Post one copy of the LCA (Labor Condition Application) for ten business days in a place in the department conspicuous to workers in the faculty member's occupational classification, preferably where other DOL required notices are posted.

  • Post the second copy of the LCA for ten business days in a place in the College office conspicuous to workers in the faculty member's occupational classification, preferably where other DOL required notices are posted. (In A&S, we use the large bulletin board opposite the stairwell entrance near Ortega 201.)

  • At the end of the posting period, note the posting dates and locations on each LCA, sign and date the Notice of Posting and return all the documents to Laurel Smith, Office of University Counsel.