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How to schedule an Online or Hybrid Course 

NOTE: Use the cross list form to schedule a group of equivalent and interchangeable courses. With each cross-listed group, there is "home" department.


Sample Syllabus

Catalog and Curriculum Production Calendar, 2021-22

Catalog and Curriculum Production Calendar, 2022-23


Curriculum Changes and Additions

NOTE: VPN approval is required to access the site for those away from the campus network. See UNM FastInfo ID 7819 or call UNM Information Technologies Customer Support Services at (505) 277-5757 for more information.

Visit the Office of the Registrar's Curriculum Workflow and Resources page for current information, how-to's, and resources.

To access Forms A, B, C, and D, from that page, click on the red "Curric" banner and log in.

No additional requirements for catalog processes are required from the College of A&S.


Scheduling Tools