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Reports for Mandatory Compliance with COVID-19 Mandates

Student employees and GA/TAs are now included on the "Vaccine Mandatory Report" AND on the "Vaccine Mandatory Non-Compliance" report/ While supervisors are likely in positions to assist with getting these students compliant, Student Employees and GA/TAs are not subject to the Non-Disciplinary separation process. Non-Compliant students will proceed through UNM's student disciplinary process that ends with disenrollment, at which time they will no longer be eligible for student employment due to their enrollment status. These students are being monitored by Academic Affairs.

The Department Performance Administrator BAR role is required to access the Vaccine "Mandate Report," which includes information about the current status of your employees (and students) and whether they are vaccinated, have an exemption, etc.

The Department Performance Administrator BAR role is required to access the NEW COVID "Testing Report", which includes information about weekly COVID Testing for your employees (and students) who requested Exemptions from getting Vaccinated.

NOTE: You do NOT need the Department Performance Administrator BAR role to have access to the COVID-19 Vaccine Non-Compliance Report.

Graduate and Teaching Assistantships

Undergraduate/Work Study Student Hires

The maximum number of hours per week a student employee may work is 28. If your student’s work schedule includes weekends, the 28 hour maximum begins on June 3rd. If your student works only on weekdays, it begins on June 5th.

Important to know: Receipt and acceptance of a Student’s Offer Letter does not clear the Student to start working. The date on the Offer Letter is actually a projected date, and is contingent on the Student completing all hiring documents in a timely manner. (See UNMJobs 2.0 hiring process for Students)  Per Student Employment, both Students AND Hiring Coordinators will receive an Authorization to Start Letter with the Student’s actual start date. Students may begin working on (or any time after) the start date indicated on the Authorization to Start Letter.

For more information, contact Rob Armijo.

Student Grievance Process

Guidelines for International Student Employees
To report concerns about students, go to the Campus Assessment Response Education - CARE page