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Covid-19 Vaccination Compliance

Announcement Date: 
Tuesday, October 12, 2021 - 16:45

Effective Oct. 12, 2021, new and/or rehired employees (Faculty, Staff, and Students) in all classifications (regular, term, on-call, temporary, and non-credit earning teachers) will be required to be in compliance with UNM’s Vaccine Mandate on or before the start date of employment. Please see email from HR.

This means all UNM Units must give the associated UNM Employment Areas at least seven (7) days to process new and/or rehired employees. These seven days will allow for the proper onboarding of new and/or rehired employees (in which their appt. will need to be input into Banner and assigned a UNM ID#, if applicable)—enabling the new and/or rehired employees to go to the Vaccine Verification Program website to enter, validate, and complete their compliance to UNM’s Vaccine Mandate.

New and/or rehired employees will be required to provide either:

(1) Documentation of full vaccination using a vaccine authorized by FDA License or under an FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA)


(2) Appropriate documentation seeking an available exemption. NOTE: If exemptions are requested, they must be fully approved on or before the start date of employment.

IMPORTANT: This compliance mandate requires you to monitor the new and/or rehired employees status’ via the Vaccine "Mandate Report."  The Department Performance Administrator BAR role is required to access the Vaccine "Mandate Report" (and the new COVID "Testing Report”). These Reports include information about the current status of all your employees (and students) and whether they are fully vaccinated OR have an exemption—which will require weekly COVID Testing.

For questions, please contact Rob Armijo.